Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta in TextExpander

TextExpander is in the Okta catalog, so setup should be quick and easy.

Step 1 – Add the Integration to your IdP

You can go ahead and add TextExpander to your Okta dashboard (it’s in their directory) and follow along with their setup instructions. 

Okta’s SAML configuration for TextExpander

Note: You will want to set your “Application Username Format” to E-mail and your “Update application username on” to Create and update.

You will need your ACS to complete your SSO Setup, this can be found on your “Single Sign-On” Page. As seen here:

Step 2: Copy and add IdP XML Metadata

Follow Okta’s guide to find your IdP Metadata and copy to the IdP Metadata Field found on your “Single Sign-On Page”. As seen here:

Note: Ensure there are no leading or trailing spaces on your XML Metadata.

Please test your SSO Sign-in prior to setting your “Require Single Sign-On” to troubleshoot any potential issues.