Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta in TextExpander

What you will need before getting started:

  • Requires a Growth or Enterprise Organization
  • You’ll need to be a TextExpander admin and Okta admin to complete the setup
  • SSO Point of Contact Information
  • Your Identity Provider (IdP) XML Metadata
  • Your Organization ID (ACS) can be found on your SSO Setup Page for your organization on

Okta-Side Setup (IdP)

Setup requires your Organization ID. (You can find your Org ID by logging into and going to your SSO Settings)

Add TextExpander as an Application from the Okta App Catalog

  1. Log into
  2. Find and Add TextExpander under “Browse App Catalog” as an Application
  3. Navigate to the “Sign-on” Tab of the TextExpander Application Entry in Okta
  4. Click on Edit at the top of the Settings Panel to allow editing of the Organization ID
  5. Paste in your Organization ID and save.
  6. Download your XML Metadata to stage on and complete your SSO Setup.  (This is also under the “Sign-on” Tab, labeled as “Metadata URL”.  You will need to access the link and capture the entire certificate to paste into

TextExpander-Side Setup (SP)

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your Organization on the left menu and navigate to the “Single Sign-On” page.
  3. Select Okta as your SSO Provider
  4. Provide an SSO Point of Contact (This is used primarily to help support your organization if there are any issues and we need to identify who set up your SSO.)
  5. Paste your XML Metadata.
    • Okta will provide you with an XML Metadata URL Link. Open this link and save this page as an XML File.  Open that file and copy it’s contents to paste into the XML Metadata Field.
      **Ensure that you directly input the XML Metadata as plain text, do not submit a URL.
      Note: Press the Green Check on the top right of the field to save!
  6. Your SSO Sign-in should be properly set up now. Please test your SSO Sign-in before setting “Require Single Sign-On” to troubleshoot any potential issues.

SCIM Provisioning

SCIM provisioning is available to organizations enrolled in our Enterprise plan. For SCIM configuration guidance, kindly reach out to our support team.

Testing your SSO Login

Please follow the steps in the following article: