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Operating System Compatibility

Get the latest version of TextExpander from the download page.

To view System Requirements and get the version of TextExpander that matches your operating system look at the bottom of the download page.


To ensure compatibility, update to the latest version of TextExpander.

To update:

  1. From the installed TextExpander app, click on your name in the lower left-hand corner, open Preferences, then go to the Updates tab.
  2. Choose ‘Check for Update…’

Older Versions of TextExpander

If you purchased an older version of TextExpander and need access to the download, you can find it in the System Requirements on the TextExpander 5 Support page.

Unsupported Operating Systems

Since January 2020, Microsoft has stopped supporting and releasing updates for Windows 7. This makes Windows 7 vulnerable to viruses and other security risks.

As a result, TextExpander is no longer compatible with Windows 7 or 8. You can use TextExpander on Windows 10.

Please see the Microsoft Support website for more information about the end of support for Windows 7.