Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with OneLogin in TextExpander

You’ll need to be the OneLogin admin to complete the setup. 

Step 1 – Add the integration to your IdP
To set up, add the TextExpander application from the OneLogin catalog.

Setup requires your Account ID and ad additional custom email parameter.

Add the email parameter:
1. Click on the Parameters tab.
2. Click +

Field Name: email
Flags: Include in SAML assertion

3. Click Save and then enter the email value in the next popup and click Save again.
Value: Email
Flag: Include in SAML assertion

Sample screenshots:

Step 2: Download and send XML metadata

Please download the XML Metadata file, and send it to me in your response. 
Note: You’ll be unable to test the SAML login until I’ve added the Metadata to your account. 

– Setting up the IdP metadata in our system to enable SSO
– Send you testing instructions.