Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure in TextExpander

TextExpander is available in the Azure AD catalog, so setup should be quick and easy.

Step 1 – Add the integration to your IdP
Marketplace Link:

Setup Instructions:

Your URLs will end up looking like:

Note: If you’re using Azure AD in US Government Cloud, it uses the URL format of:

Similarly, the Entity ID of Azure AD has .us in it.

Apart from that, the infrastructure and feature sets are the same, so everything should work.
You can access it from

Step 2: Download and send XML metadata

Please download the XML Metadata file or provide the direct download link and send it to me in your response. 

Note: You’ll be unable to test the SAML login until I’ve added the Metadata to your account. 

Step 3: We’ll get started with:
– Setting up the IdP metadata in our system to enable SSO
– Send you testing instructions.

During this configuration and testing phase, your users can continue to sign in with their TextExpander email and password. You should not experience any service interruptions during this process.