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Changing The Email Address On Your Account

You can add email addresses, update email addresses, or switch email addresses on your account using the following directions.

To switch email addresses you will need to add a new email address and then set it as the primary address. You may then choose to delete the previous email address.

  1. Visit your TextExpander account’s email settings:
  2. Click the “+” button in the Email addresses section.
  3. Check your email. Click the button in the email we sent to verify your new address.
  4. Go back to your TextExpander account’s email settings and click the “Set As Primary” button to set your new email address as your primary email address.
  5. You may now delete the other email address from your account by clicking the trash can icon.

Why can’t I change the email address associated with my account?

If you do not see the option to add an email address, you are likely a member of a closed Organization. This is usually the case if you sign in through SSO. Members of closed organizations cannot change their email addresses.