Does receive or store my keystrokes?

No. The TextExpander apps never send keystroke data to the server. The TextExpander apps don’t store keystroke data on your device. They hold a small amount of keystroke data in memory to do their filtering. For more on that and on how we implemenent suggestions, see Is TextExpander a keylogger? Is TextExpander a safety risk? Are you spying on me?

What of type of security protects my snippets?

The TextExpander app is not a secure app meant for sensitive information. Anyone who gains access to your computer account will have access to your snippets, just as they would any other files on your computer. If this concerns you and you’re on a Mac, you can turn on Apple’s FileVault for extra security. For things like AWS credentials, social …

Why does the TextExpander keyboard require Full Access?

The TextExpander for iPhone & iPad custom keyboard requires Allow Full Access to be turned on so that it can: expand snippets by sharing snippet data with the TextExpander app play sounds for key taps and snippet expansion The keyboard maintains a small buffer of recent key taps for the purpose of matching a snippet abbreviation. The buffer clears after a limited …

Snippets don’t work in password fields, why? (Mac)

Protected text fields cannot be observed by key loggers such as TextExpander. This is a security feature of the Mac operating system. (What’s a keylogger?) We suggest using a password manager app to secure your passwords.