Why Isn’t TextExpander Syncing?

If you are having trouble syncing TextExpander across your devices it could be you don’t have the correct versions. You need the matching generations of TextExpander to match up the syncing. Below is a chart of the versions of TextExpander app icons matched up.

For directions on setting up sync across older versions, see How Do I Sync Version 5? or How Do I Sync Version 3, 4?

If you do have the latest versions of TextExpander for Mac, TextExpander for Windows and TextExpander for iPhone & iPad, then sign into your account on TextExpander.com. What you see there is the current state of your snippets. Any differences in the apps are out of sync. To fix this, sign out of the app, then back in. Note, this will erase any edits or snippets you made since that last time the app was in sync. Be sure to move any new snippets which are in the app but not on TextExpander.com to their own group. Then save that group to your desktop before you sign out.

To save new snippets or edits:

  1. Create a new group.
  2. To locate your most recent changes, change the Sort order to Sort by Date Created or by Date Modified. Locate Sort from the View menu, or in the little gear icon menu button near the bottom left of TextExpander’s window to Sort by Date Created or by Date Modified.
  3. Select all the new snippets using. Control-click, or right-click, and in the following menu select “Move to…” and drag them to your new group. Wait for any sync to either occur or fail, ~ 20 seconds.
  4. Select the new group and ⌘S to “Save a Copy of Group xxx” to your desktop.

Now sign out of the app and back in. Then double-click on the saved group and it will import back into the app.

TextExpander for Mac TextExpander for iPhone & iPad Sync Method
TE v6
version 6
Touch v4
version 4
TE v5
version 5
version 3.5
iCloud Drive, Dropbox
TE v4
version 4
Touch v2
version 3.2, 2
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