TextExpander is just not working, why?

If TextExpander is not working, try these steps based on how TextExpander is acting.

1. When I type a snippet abbreviation the abbreviation doesn’t disappear and I don’t hear the expansion sound.

1a. If nothing happens when you type a snippet, it could be TextExpander is not running. Locate the TextExpander app in your:

  • (Mac) Applications folder (or in your Downloads folder if you never moved it after you first installed), and double-click on the app to launch it.
  • (Win) Startup menu and double-click the app to launch it.

2. When I expand a snippet the abbreviation does disappear, but it is not replaced with the snippet’s full and accurate content.

2a. If something unexpected shows up when you expand a snippet, contact Support and explain what is happening.

3. I tried expanding a snippet in the TextEdit app (Mac) Notepad (Win) and…

3a. It worked! If your snippets are only expanding in certain apps, like TextEdit, but not in others, you might have turned off certain snippets from expanding in certain groups. See our article on selective app expansion.

3b. It didn’t work. Continue to step 4.

4. Looking at the TextExpander icon in the menu bar in the upper right (Mac) notifications area in the lower right (Win) of my screen it appears grayed out or has a yellow triangle on it.

4a. TextExpander is currently disabled. To re-enable it see our article on turning expansion back on.

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