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Meaningful Manager Communications: Professional Development

In the last of this three-part series, we’ll share snippets for managers who endeavor to lead teams in relentless pursuit of their professional goals.

Top Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts for Freelancers

Discover our top tips and shortcuts for freelancers to boost productivity, gain more clients and improve communications.

Meaningful Manager Communications: Process

In the second of this three-part series, we’ll share process-centric TextExpander snippets for managers who lead diverse and dynamic teams.

8 Social Media Snippets To Make Posting Easier

Make posting to social media even faster with TextExpander snippets. Just hit a few keys, personalize and send.

5 Productivity Tips For Freelancers: Clear Your Mind With Kanban

To be more productive, it’s important to reflect on your working habits. Freelancing means the way you work can directly affect how much you get paid, so here are five tips to help you minimize distractions and maximize focus. Master Your Time and Get More From the Day Those days when you’re powering through your…

Meaningful Manager Communications: People Management

In the first of this three-part series, we’ll highlight messages that help managers communicate with consistency and precision as they lead their teams. Communicating with employees is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. Effective communication has been shown to ensure a more fully engaged and productive workforce. Using TextExpander to streamline the…