Meaningful Manager Communications: Process

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In the second of this three-part series, we’ll share process-centric snippets for managers who lead diverse and dynamic teams.

Successful managers understand that effective processes can lead to high performance – for both individuals and teams.

Processes are key to identifying what tasks are important to your larger business goals. Keeping your teams apprised of changes in company process is essential to keeping “chaos from creeping into your day-to-day operations.”

Meaningful Manager Communications is a public group of snippets that managers can use to enhance daily communications with their teams.

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Here are four more snippets that make process implementation easy to communicate.

1. Out of Office Message

Setting the tone with a professional out of office reply is a must. This snippet lets your teammates and co-workers know that they should expect a slower than usual response.

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2. New Team Member Announcement

Joining a new team can be a “daunting and nerve-racking” experience for any person.

Help your newest direct report make a smooth transition with this standard snippet that prepares the team for their newest member.

Government of the team, by the team, for the team—that’s the Agile Team Charter.


3. Team Charter

Leading a team can be a fantastic and rewarding experience when team members work well together.

Having a team charter can help create energy, focus, and buy-in from the entire team.

Empower your direct reports to build strong bonds and maintain clarity around how their roles intersect for the greater good of the organization with this team charter snippet.

4. Lessons Learned

Lessons-learned and project retrospectives are similar in concept, as both consider a project after it has been completed.

Whether your team is an agile one or not, this snippet is a great way to debrief after a significant team project.

A “team” in the Agile sense is a small group of people, assigned to the same project or effort, nearly all of them on a full-time basis.

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