Tips To Improve Your Sales Team: Adding Speed And Consistency With TextExpander

Whether you’re a sales executive or a sales manager, understanding what makes a strong sales person – and team – will mean you can find smarter ways to work.

Let’s look at three important aspects of working in sales.

1. Know Your Product

Exact details can make all the difference when you’re selling. Falling short of detail in an email exchange or misinforming a customer can cause confusion and frustration.

To get it right every time, store key information about your product, worded so it’s ready to be sent along to a potential customer, in a central place your whole team can access. Keeping these details stored in a central place means all your reps have the same accurate information. Keeping it in a tool such as TextExpander means they can drop the information into any sales system you’re using.

2. Communicate with Purpose

From first contact to aftercare, look after your customers with meaningful email and communications.

Map out everything from the first cold email to closing a deal so that, in the moment, you don’t have to think about it. You know you’ve already thought through the best language for that stage of the sales process.

Store these outlines in TextExpander as “snippets” for fast and flexible re-use. Build in a few fill-in-the-blank style fields. This allows you to quickly personalize the details you send to each client. It saves time and means you can send out more cold emails, whilst still maintaining a personal touch.

3. Use Your Best Persuasion

Know what works? Don’t leave your best sales techniques to chance.

Share your techniques, key phrases and tips with new recruits. Even better, give them some outlines and templates to start them off. As they find what works for them, they can tweak as necessary as they develop their own voice and techniques.

This type sales language can easily be shared if you put it into TextExpander snippets. You can even group into categories: ways to start cold conversations, ways to have mid-funnel conversations, ways to close. This helps your new teammate know where to look.

Share Your Selling Hacks

Don’t forget the Sales team can benefit from other teams as well. The Support team has lots of great product knowledge, consider sharing their TextExpander snippets. This way you all keep up on the latest bug info and leverage Support’s greater product knowledge.

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