Top Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts for Freelancers

We’ve gathered the very best productivity tips and typing shortcuts for freelancers to boost productivity, gain more clients and improve communications. Nothing can stop you now!

Find New Work

Gaining clients is exciting but it can be time-consuming. Make freelance job applications and cover letters a breeze with our easy cover letter samples and handy typing shortcuts for freelance job applications. Type premade shortcuts and expand longer outlines in a fraction of the time.

Get Organized

You’ve got the clients, now it’s time to work. Use our productivity tips for freelancers to learn how you can use a scheduling system such as Kanban for greater focus and task organization.

Use the Right Dates and Times-Always

Get the time and date right every time you send a job estimate or invoice. Join our date and time snippet group for access to neat keyboard shortcuts to make typing dates faster and more accurate, including dates such as Tomorrow, Last Week, and the First of Next Month.

Track Your Time

Make logging those hours and tasks more efficient with our easy steps to more accurate time-tracking.

Correct Your Clichés

Whether you’re writing articles for clients or just typing an email, use this handy cliché autocorrection snippet group to change any clichés you type into their real meaning. It’ll make your writing clearer and more succinct. For correcting other typos, you can join the TidBITS Autocorrect group to catch common misspellings.

Pro Tip: Start making your own snippet group for your personal typing foibles. Your fingers may decide they like to misspell words in their own unique ways 🙂

Master Social Media

Being freelance means building your own empire. Social media is a great way to get your brand out there, so check out our tips to master Twitter and Facebook with people, hashtags and apps.

Bonus tip: Join our Social Media Post Outline group for pre-made post outlines to use on your favorite platforms. A great time-saver if you’re a Social Media Manager!

Tell Us about Your Freelance Empire

We’d love to know about your freelance gig. Are you a photographer? WordPress developer? Lawyer, graphic designer, blogger? Let us know in our TextExpander Facebook group.