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Enhance Your Sourcing Workflow with these Nine Snippets

Talent Sourcers are an essential member of today’s modern Talent Acquisition team. While some aspects of the roles of Sourcer and Recruiter may overlap, typically Sourcers convert leads into candidates. Recruiters, on the other hand, convert candidates into hires. We are excited to present this Public Group of snippets designed with hard-working Sourcers in mind….

Easy Article Frameworks with TextExpander Snippets

Learn how to write consistently good articles using TextExpander. Use snippets to build your perfect article formula.

4 Snippets for Freelance Writing Job Applications

Learn how to speed up the application process for freelance writing jobs using TextExpander. Check out these essential snippets in our blog post.

How To Personalize Your Snippets with Fill-ins

Learn how you can use TextExpander’s fill-in-the-blanks to personalize your emails, or other re-usable chunks of text.

Using Dates in Snippets: Get the Advanced Dates Group

Expand Past and Future Dates with the ready-made TextExpander snippet group. Save yourself the hassle of looking it up in the calendar.

TextExpander in Law: Q&A session Part 2

Read part 2 of the detailed answers from the Q&A session from the webinar “5 Ways Attorneys Reclaim Time With TextExpander—A Beginner’s Guide.”

TextExpander in Law: Q&A session

This is part one of this two part post. Find Part 2 here. Starting out with TextExpander as a blank slate can be daunting, especially if you’re also running a law practice. To help, we crafted a webinar “5 Ways Attorneys Reclaim Time With TextExpander—A Beginner’s Guide.” Thanks to everyone who joined us. Based on…

Three Simple Steps to Get Up and Running With TextExpander

How should a busy professional get started with TextExpander? You’ve downloaded the free test drive version of TextExpander to your Mac or PC and are wondering how to set up your first few snippets. Building a solid snippet system is pretty straightforward once you’ve answered three simple questions. Question 1: What type of text should…

TextExpander Crossover: Simple, Powerful, Mobile Note-Taking With Drafts

Since we deal with text all day, we welcome apps that help us deal with it faster, especially when they’re mobile. For this TextExpander Crossover, we want to celebrate Drafts for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, from the fine folks at Agile Tortoise. Drafts is an unassuming app for taking action on your text. Each…