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Easy Cover Letter Samples with TextExpander: Freelance Writer Edition

As a freelance writer, you need the most efficient—and effective—writing tools at your disposal.

Freelancing means you’ll apply to jobs and projects more often than your full-time friends. With TextExpander, you can call upon a tailor-made cover letter snippet to use time and time again, with no fuss.

You’ll find this cover letter snippet in our handy group of snippets for freelance writing job applications.

Here’s how to build an awesome cover letter using a TextExpander snippet.

  • Build the framework of the language in the snippet.
  • Then place fill-in fields everywhere you need to tailor the letter to fit the audience.
  • Remember to give each field a name to helpfully prompt you.

A Memorable(ish) Introduction

Your cover letter needs to be memorable, so start with a strong statement about your work. It needn’t be boastful, but do highlight your best characteristic.

Many cover letters start with a long introductory sentence, so try to keep your first statement short and punchy to grab the recruiter’s attention.


Introduction Examples:

  • My skill set is incredibly well-suited to this role.
  • I thrive when working on projects like this one.
  • I pride myself on my ability to self-motivate.

Tip: Make it memorable, but not too memorable. Anything too wild and you might stand out for the wrong reasons.

Content: Cover Letter For Freelance Writers Snippet

Qualify Your Statements

In the body of the cover letter, you need to explain why you’re a great match for this role. But it won’t be enough to just tell them you’re amazing, you’ll need to show them by qualifying your statements with examples.

Here’s an example of what you shouldn’t write:

‘I’m great at time-management and know how to work to deadlines’

An example of what you should write:

‘During my previous project, I worked to strict deadlines. As a result, I learned how to manage my time effectively and became accustomed to a pressured environment’

The cover letter snippet will help you to qualify your statements:

Tip: Focus on a handful of your best attributes, but don’t list too many – even if you are amazing!

Content: Cover Letter for Freelance Writers

The Sign Off

Keep your sign off friendly, professional and concise.

You want to leave the recruiter with the impression that you’re a smart, capable writer who is professional in their approach.

Snippet example:

Content: Cover Letter for Freelance Writers

Strive For Compelling

As with all aspects of your freelance writing job applications, you should strive to capture the attention of the person reading your cover letter. Once you have their attention, you can focus on telling them why you’re great for the job.

The final snippet looks like this:


You can use this Cover Letter Snippet for Freelance Writers as your guide and tweak to suit you.

Get started now and see how easy it is to build and use your cover letter snippet.

If you’re a freelancer, let us know how you’re using TextExpander.