Meaningful Manager Communications: Professional Development

In the last of this three-part series, we’ll share snippets for managers who endeavor to lead teams who are in relentless pursuit of their professional goals.

Well-rounded managers understand that investing in employee training and development results in increased job satisfaction levels and better retention rates.

Managers who take an active interest in personal development of their teams create a culture of learning that works to strengthen the team’s collective skill level.

Meaningful Manager Communications is a public group of snippets that managers can use to enhance daily communications with their teams.

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Use these five snippets to reinforce a culture of learning within your team.

1. Request to Attend a Conference

Aside from learning, conferences provide your team members the opportunity to showcase your company’s brand while networking with industry leaders.

Share this snippet with your team to better understand the value and vision of the events they are interested in attending.

2. Performance Self-Review

While a performance appraisal can be an opportunity to shine, “many professionals dread writing them.”

Help your direct reports quantify their accomplishments and contributions with this comprehensive snippet.

It’s important for employees to feel that their contributions and good work haven’t gone unnoticed.

Culture IQ

3. Conference Learnings Recap

The forgetting curve asserts that your team members will likely “forget 70 percent” of what they’ve heard within 24 hours of the training experience.

Ensure that the time and money invested in the conference doesn’t go to waste by making it easy to share takeaways with the entire team.

This snippet, inspired by the Content Marketing Institute, will help to capture the essential highlights.

4. Requesting Specific Feedback

Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace revealed that only 23% of people receive meaningful commentary from their manager.

Eliminate the anxiety that your team members feel when comes with asking for feedback by empowering your team with this simple, structured request.

Feedback helps us see our inevitable blind spots, and optimize our performance.


5. Request for recommendation letter

With the average tenure in for the US worker between 1.8 and 5 years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when your team members decide to transition out of your organization to pursue greener pastures.

Provide this snippet to your team members to ensure you’re able to send them off with your best wishes.

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