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Snippets not expanding in supported app — troubleshooting guide

Snippets not expanding in a TextExpander-enhanced app listed here? (If you are having trouble with the TextExpander for iPhone & iPad keyboard in v.3 not working, see our keyboard troubleshooting guide). Step 1: Make sure to update your snippets in the app. You must fetch the snippets from within every app that you want to use them in. This is…

Does the TextExpander keyboard work with my Bluetooth keyboard?

Custom keyboards are software only, so the TextExpander keyboard does not have access to your keystrokes on a hardware Bluetooth keyboard and therefore can’t expand your abbreviations. TextExpander-enhanced apps process keystrokes after they have arrived from your Bluetooth keyboard and so CAN expand abbreviations typed on a Bluetooth keyboard.

Why doesn’t auto-correct work as well as the system keyboards?

We have some great improvements in mind. Keep an eye out for future app updates. In the meantime, you can supplement with the autocorrect snippet groups in TextExpander. They will supersede any keyboard autocorrect. To add a predefined snippet group on TextExpander for iPhone & iPad: Open your snippet groups. Tap the plus (+) button at the bottom. Tap…

Why can’t I tap and hold the Smile key to switch keyboards?

iOS 8 provides custom keyboards with only one method to switch keyboards, and it has no accommodation for tap-and-hold. It can only switch to the next available keyboard in the order you set in Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. We have a feature request on file with Apple. If you have friends in Cupertino,…

How do I change TextExpander keyboard settings (such as auto-capitalization, etc.)?

You can access the settings for the TextExpander keyboard in the TextExpander app’s settings. There you’ll find toggles for: Auto-Capitalization Auto-Correction You’ll also find settings for snippet matching which apply to the TextExpander keyboard: Ignore Case Expand Immediately Play Sound Play Sound is used to enable or disable key clicks for the TextExpander keyboard. (In the Settings app, under…

With the TextExpander for iPhone & iPad keyboard, why do I need a TextExpander-enhanced app?

While the custom keyboard allows users to expand snippets in any app, there are a couple of types of snippets which cannot expand via the keyboard. Rich text and formatted text snippets will expand as plain text Fill-in snippets cannot expand via the keyboard If you use a TextExpander-enhanced app for iPhone & iPad, you won’t have those limitations. With…

Where are the keyboard’s predictive words?

TextExpander for iPhone and iPad does not currently offer predictive text. Meanwhile, it’s easy to switch keyboards if you’d like to use predictive text from the system keyboard. Just tap the Smile key.

It’s hard to tell when a key is tapped, can you fix that?

Custom keyboards cannot draw above the top of the keyboard, so we cannot display placards for letters as the system keyboards do. We have some great improvements in mind for this, so stay tuned for future app updates.