The TextExpander keyboard is not expanding snippets in iPhone/iPad apps, why?

You have TextExpander 3 for iPhone & iPad or later and the TextExpander custom keyboard doesn’t seem to be expanding your snippets.

(If you have one of the TextExpander-enhanced apps listed on our site, and snippets are not expanding in that app, keyboard or no, then see our TextExpander​-enhanced app troubleshooting guide).

  1. Do you see your snippets listed in the TextExpander app on your iPad or iPhone? If not, it is likely you have tried to sync your snippets with another device, but it didn’t quite work. Turn Dropbox off then back on. Directions in this article on setting up Dropbox sync.
  2. Are you able to expand a snippet in the notes area of the TextExpander app on your iPhone using the Apple iOS keyboard? This is to check that your snippets are expanding at all.
  3. Once you have the keyboard setup, try expanding a snippet in Apple’s Notes app, does that work?
    • If not try toggling Full Access off and on in the Settings app General > Keyboard > Keyboards > TextExpander.
  4. If that doesn’t help, try a soft restart of your device. For a soft restart of your device hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time until you see the Apple symbol appear on screen.
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