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Why can’t fill-in snippets work in the keyboard?

Adding support for fill-ins using the keyboard is an obvious next step. We are working hard to implement this feature. Currently, on iPhone and iPad, fill-ins work in TextExpander 3’s Notes or a TextExpander-enhanced app.

When will you support my language or keyboard layout? (iOS)

Currently, TextExpander for iPhone & iPad supports these language keyboards: Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Ukrainian TextExpander for iPhone and iPad supports native language, QWERTY, and AZERTY variants of several languages, see our article to learn more. We expect to add more in future versions. Please feel free to let…

How do I change the keyboard layout to QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY?

TextExpander offers both native language, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layout variants for these languages: Dutch English French German Italian Polish Portuguese Spanish And QWERTY variants for these languages: French German Spanish If you are unclear on what this means, for example, the native German layout has keys for ä, ü, and ö. The QWERTY layout does not….

Why does the TextExpander keyboard require Full Access?

The TextExpander for iPhone & iPad custom keyboard requires Allow Full Access to be turned on so that it can: expand snippets by sharing snippet data with the TextExpander app play sounds for key taps and snippet expansion The keyboard maintains a small buffer of recent key taps for the purpose of matching a snippet abbreviation. The…

All About the TextExpander Custom Keyboard (iOS)

Use the TextExpander app on your iPad or iPhone for creating, editing, syncing, and expanding snippets in the apps which have added TextExpander support. In order to allow you to expand snippets in all the apps on your device, we’ve taken advantage of Apple’s third-party keyboard feature and added a custom keyboard for TextExpander. In…