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Good Customer Service: How to Get It

Good customer service: how do you get it in 2023? Start by understanding that good customer service is harder than ever.

Master TextExpander Fill-ins with Our Upcoming Webinar

We’ve launched a new webinar series called Feature Spotlights that will run every couple of weeks, and the next one is coming up fast. The webinar will be on April 6, 2023 at 12 pm CDT and will cover using Fill-ins, which let you create customizable Snippets with: Check out a video of how Fill-ins…

10 Powerful Customer Service Experience Scripts

Looking to improve your customer service in 2023? Check out these 10 tips (and ways to automate them) to help you build lasting customer relationships.

Conquering Aliteracy with School Teacher Mark Phillips

Many parents and teachers find themselves dealing with aliteracy: kids who are reluctant readers. While illiteracy rates are low in the United States, aliteracy is a widespread phenomenon, with the average American only reading at a middle-school level. Mark Phillips, who originally hails from the UK, has been teaching middle school language arts for over…

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT with TextExpander 

Prompt engineering secrets to maximize ChatGPT for better writing. Summarize and break down scenes, automatically grade assignments, and more.

How to Use ChatGPT with TextExpander

Want to level up your ChatGPT experience? Learn how to integrate TextExpander with ChatGPT to create and manage frequently used commands to get the information you need—every time!

6 Tips to Align Sales and Customer Service Teams in 2023

Sales and customer service teams should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like surfboards and waves. Like cute puppies and Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. These departments often work in silos, which not only pits sales teams and support teams against each other but harms the customer experience. It’s a serious problem—one that…

Communication Compliance: The Right Language for Your Team

Enhance your understanding of communication compliance at work from this guide, including organizational norms, legal considerations, and best practices for work communication.