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What Is a Progress Note?

Discover the ins and outs of progress notes in this comprehensive article.

Canned Responses: Best Practices and Examples

Canned responses are prepared answers to common questions or inquiries, crafted in advance and stored for quick and consistent use. They save your team a tremendous amount of time and keep messaging consistent. Businesses can significantly reduce response times by eliminating the need to craft individual responses to frequent queries, ensuring that customers are not…

Best Note-Taking Apps for Occupational Therapists

Efficiency and organization are paramount in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists work to improve the lives of their clients, often juggling multiple cases, detailed assessments, and individualized therapy plans. In this high-stakes environment, the traditional methods of note-taking and information management can sometimes fall short. Note-taking apps can be a great, modern way to resolve some…

Best Note-Taking Apps for Nurses

Nurses are vital for ensuring seamless patient care and efficient medical operations. Amidst their myriad responsibilities, note-taking emerges as a pivotal task, one that demands precision and accessibility. With technology’s forward march, traditional pen-and-paper note-taking is evolving to be easier and faster with digital tools.  This article delves into how nurses can significantly amplify their…

Best Pediatrician Apps for Note-Taking

Technology is rapidly enhancing patient care in the medical world, and how expansive this change is cannot be overstated. Pediatricians, who navigate the delicate task of treating their youngest patients, require tools that can work as quickly as they can. This article delves into the transformative impact of note-taking productivity apps in the pediatric practice. …

30+ Empathy Statements for Customer Service

Need help showing a little more empathy in customer service? Add these 30 phrases to your toolbelt to show more kindness to your customers.

The Top Business Automation Tools for 2024

Whether you’re a solopreneur, growing team or large enterprise, we’ve rounded up the top business automation tools for you.