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Use ChatGPT + TextExpander to Supercharge Customer Service

A quick tutorial on how to use ChatGPT to produce professional customer support responses and then save them as TextExpander Snippets you can access anytime.

Will Customer Support AI Replace Human Agents?

Will customer support AI replace human agents? Some experts say “yes,” but the answer may not be so simple…

How Will AI Change the World?

How will AI change the world? We spoke to AI expert Jon Stokes to find out, and to ask whether AI can realistically be stopped.

The AI Revolution Explained in 5 Minutes

After decades of theory and experimentation, we’re now in the midst of an AI revolution. What breakthroughs led us to this point?

Prospecting Emails: Plaintext vs. HTML

Wondering whether to use hyperlinks and HTML in your prospecting email outreach? Discover the benefits and drawbacks of these tactics to improve your email outreach strategy and increase conversions.

Meet the TextExpander Team at ElevateCX in San Diego!

If you’ll be in San Diego in late April, come to ElevateCX and say hi to the TextExpander team! Swing by our booth for free swag and a chance to win a Nintendo Switch. Book your tickets now! ElevateCX is the premiere event for customer experience leaders and will be held from April 27 through…