Help: Guided Tour – Quick Start

Setting Up Your Account

  1. Create a TextExpander.com account.
  2. Download the app. You'll see the download during the account creation process.
  3. Install the app by dragging it to your Applications folder, then launch it, sign in to your account and get started making snippets.
  4. Download TextExpander onto your other devices to have your snippets everywhere.

Setting Up Your App

  1. When you first launch TextExpander you will see the Welcome Window which includes a few helpful links. If you’ve closed the Welcome Window already, open it again by choosing Help in the menu bar, then selecting Welcome to TextExpander

    • Create snippets while you learn
      Go through the Creation Assistant (this link will take you to it if you have TextExpander installed). It will take you through the creation of your first few snippets, and explain the different types of snippets TextExpander has to offer.
    • Watch the video
      It is a fast and easy way to learn your way around TextExpander.
  2. After you are done with the Welcome Window…

    • Search Faster
      Set up the Inline Search Hotkey, located in Preferences > Hotkey. If you have trouble remembering your snippet abbreviations, this convenient search will help.
    • Add some snippet groups
      TextExpander provides several Predefined snippet groups which you can add. Open the TextExpander window, click the "+" button in the lower left corner, then choose Add Predefined….
  3. No need to sign out of your TextExpander app if you are using your personal computer, that will remove your snippets from the app.

Getting Started with Teams

If you’re setting up your team with TextExpander, start in Set up an Organization.

If you’ve been invited to join a team, then you’ve got some snippets waiting for you. Follow the steps above to set up your TextExpander account and apps, then start using the snippets your team made for you.


TextExpander for Windows is currently in beta. The app is headless, meaning it will expand snippets but any edits need to happen on TextExpander.com.

Once you install the beta you will be able to interact with TextExpander from the item in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the TextExpander icon to sign in or out of the app, check for updates, or exit the app.

We encourage you to send any and all feedback on your experience, even if it's minor. Contact Us.





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