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How to Reach Inbox Zero with TextExpander Snippets

Inbox overflowing? Get access to eight TextExpander snippets for standard email replies so you can tackle emails faster.

How To Write Blog Posts Faster Using Text Expansion

Learn how to write blog posts faster using TextExpander, and gain access to blogging snippets through our Public Group for bloggers.

Commonly Missed Benefits of TextExpander

We love sharing the power of what TextExpander can do, and even more so hearing what our community has discovered themselves. For this article, we’ve put together a few of the unsung wins that you should try next.

What’s New in TextExpander 7: Download the Public Beta Now

The TextExpander 7 public beta is now available to download! The TextExpander team at Smile have been working hard to revamp TextExpander, unveiling a new design and highly-requested features. You can download the TextExpander 7 public beta now and start using it today. Here’s how: Go to TextExpander → Preferences → Update Clicking the checkbox next to ‘Include…

What is Text Expansion?

Here’s our introduction to all things text expansion, from the very basics to how you can use it to improve the day-to-day of our working lives.

TextExpander for Startups: Let Us Help You Scale

TextExpander helps startups increase their efficiency for faster growth. Learn more about TextExpander for Startups, and see if your business qualifies.