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What Is Practice Management Software?

Practice management software helps healthcare providers streamline administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, billing, and patient management to run their practices more efficiently and spend more time on patient care quality. Effective practice management software helps healthcare organizations: If you want to improve the efficiency of your practice, consider TextExpander to automate medical documentation so you…

Call Center Productivity: Proven Tips and Strategies

Unlock the full potential of your call center with our expert tips on increasing productivity. From technology to team management, we’ve got you covered.

Canned Responses: Best Practices and Examples

Canned responses are prepared answers to common questions or inquiries, crafted in advance and stored for quick and consistent use. They save your team a tremendous amount of time and keep messaging consistent. Businesses can significantly reduce response times by eliminating the need to craft individual responses to frequent queries, ensuring that customers are not…

30+ Empathy Statements for Customer Service

Need help showing a little more empathy in customer service? Add these 30 phrases to your toolbelt to show more kindness to your customers.

World Class Customer Service: 5 Secrets to Success

Unlock the secrets to world class customer service. Elevate your business and delight customers every time!