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How Employee Experience Impacts Customer Experience

Investing in the employee experience can have a big pay-off when it comes to customer experience. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Solving 3 Workforce Challenges Facing BPO Companies

Solving BPO workforce challenges won’t happen overnight, but finding ways to reduce repetition and speed up training can be strong steps in the right direction.

How to Automate Support without losing the Human Touch

Automation doesn’t sound very human. But if you do it thoughtfully, you can automate customer support while remaining empathetic and approachable.

What Triggers Your Customer’s Emotions?

Your customers’ emotions are key in their perception of a good customer experience. Here are the triggers you can use to boost customer loyalty.

Do Your Customer Support Metrics Prioritize Connection?

Are you tracking the wrong customer support metrics? Efficiency KPIs can lead agents to prioritize speed over quality. Here’s how to fix it.

Your Customers Prioritize Trust — Do You?

It’s about us, it’s about trust. Customer loyalty depends on your customers trusting your business. Here are six ways to build trust.