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What’s New in TextExpander 7: Download the Public Beta Now

The TextExpander 7 public beta is now available to download! The TextExpander team at Smile have been working hard to revamp TextExpander, unveiling a new design and highly-requested features. You can download the TextExpander 7 public beta now and start using it today. Here’s how: Go to TextExpander → Preferences → Update Clicking the checkbox next to ‘Include…

Preparing for Remote Selling in the Long Term

In the new, common world of working from home, sales teams must adapt. How can team leaders prepare for long term remote selling? Read our top 4 tips on how you can optimise your remote team.

How Well Does Your Company Deal with Change?

We may not like the idea, but change can be a powerful force of good in our companies. It’s possible to future-proof for the unforeseeable, as long as we have the right processes in place. Here’s how to ensure your company can deal with change.

What is Text Expansion?

Here’s our introduction to all things text expansion, from the very basics to how you can use it to improve the day-to-day of our working lives.

When Should You Create a TextExpander Snippet?

Want to create a powerful library of ​​Snippets with minimal effort? Knowing when to create a Snippet is key so you can make Snippets on the fly and call upon them later.

Why Small Talk in Business Relationships Matters

Small talk in business can make a big difference to relationships. Here’s how to shift your conversation skills to make the most of the little details that can yield huge rewards, with our tips for transforming your communication approach.

The Importance of Trust in Sales

From body language to building rapport, here are ways to overcome doubts and build trust in sales.

Making an Impact: Purpose and Productivity

It turns out that coffee isn’t the only thing that will supercharge your productivity, but feeling a purpose to your work instead. Here’s how to make an impact with purpose and productivity.