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Enhance Your Sourcing Workflow with these Nine Snippets

Talent Sourcers are an essential member of today’s modern Talent Acquisition team. While some aspects of the roles of Sourcer and Recruiter may overlap, typically Sourcers convert leads into candidates. Recruiters, on the other hand, convert candidates into hires. We are excited to present this Public Group of snippets designed with hard-working Sourcers in mind….

JERK Conference Wrap Up, Medical Abbreviation Snippets

We’re glad to be able to sponsor the annual Juris Educational Resource Knowledge for Legal Nurse Consulting Conference, otherwise known as the J.E.R.K. Conference, this year. Held in Raleigh, North Carolina, we got to meet so many of the 150 nurses, consultants, and lawyers participating. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. The panelists…

TextExpander Snippets for Fun & Shenanigans

TextExpander isn’t *just* an amazing way to communicate better and save a ton of time typing. It’s also an amazing way to communicate emoji, photos, and upside down letters better and save a ton of time while goofing off.

Say Hello to TextExpander Public Groups

TextExpander lets you type less and be more productive. When you type a short phrase or abbreviation, TextExpander can replace it with a boilerplate email response, your company’s entire product catalog, or a long URL you use dozens of times a day. Anything you repeatedly type or paste throughout your day, TextExpander can save time…