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Say Hello to TextExpander Public Groups

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TextExpander lets you type less and be more productive. When you type a short phrase or abbreviation, TextExpander can replace it with a boilerplate email response, your company’s entire product catalog, or a long URL you use dozens of times a day. Anything you repeatedly type or paste throughout your day, TextExpander can save time and do it for you on all your devices.

One of our favorite features of our recent, major TextExpander redesign is more powerful, centralized snippet sharing. You can share groups of snippets with family, friends, or others in your organization, give them permission to edit snippets in that group (or not), and all updates are automatically distributed to everyone.

For quite some time, TextExpander has had a vibrant community that publicly shares snippets for everything from blogging shortcuts to math equations. And for a while, we’ve wanted to build a central place where you can find these shared snippets.

Today, I’m happy to say it’s here. Visit our brand new Public Groups.

This is a new place where you can find a growing variety of time-saving snippets created by TextExpander users like you. You can already subscribe to groups for everything from emoji, to HTML and CSS shortcuts, and a surprisingly thorough list from the fine folks at TidBITS of spelling and product corrections.

Simply choose Subscribe on any public group and it will sync to your account and all devices. Subscribing to a public group is free, and you’ll get any future additions and changes automatically.

How to share your own public group

If it’s time for one of your own snippet groups to make a debut on the world’s stage:

  1. Sign in to on any device
  2. Click a snippet group
  3. Click its Sharing tab

In that tab is a new ‘Public Sharing’ section that gives you two options for sharing that group:

  1. URL Sharing – This creates a URL for that group which you can distribute to as many or as few people as you like.
  2. Publish in Public Groups – This will add your snippet group to our new Public Groups for all to see and subscribe to. You remain the admin of the group, and any changes you make will be automatically distributed to all subscribers.

You can learn more about subscribing to and sharing public groups in TextExpander Support.

We have always immensely appreciated the excellent TextExpander snippet groups our community has created. Now, we’re really excited to give you a centralized place to find powerful new TextExpander snippets and save even more time communicating.