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Optimize Google File Shortcuts with TextExpander

What if you could open a new Google file in seconds, and begin typing right away?

We know for a lot of people, and us included, a shortcut that lets you to start a new Google file immediately is something that would be really useful and heavily used.

Thanks to Google’s new update, you can spend less time clicking through several stages to get to a new Doc, and more time creating. It’s not just limited to Docs, either. Sheets, Forms, Jamboards, and more are easily accessible with Google’s new shortcut links.

So what are the action-based shortcuts Google has created for us?

And how can these be made even easier with TextExpander?

In this article, we’re going to run through how you can use TextExpander shortcuts alongside Google’s new shortcut links to make your life that little bit more efficient.

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Google has replaced the long process of clicking through to open a new doc, with easy-to-remember shortcuts.

To create a new Doc, just open a new tab in Google Chrome, and type in ‘doc.new’, then hit enter. A shiny, new Google doc will open and automatically be saved to your Google Drive.
Likewise, this works with ‘sheet.new’, ‘slide.new’ to open a new Google sheet or Google slides.
Google shortcuts also integrate with Asana, Canva, Zoho, Adobe, eBay, Monday.com, and so many other favourite apps and programs.

Using TextExpander with Google shortcuts

Google shortcuts are even quicker and easier with TextExpander Snippets. We’ve set up a Public Group with all the Google file shortcuts and added a macro that means the shortcut will automatically open once you expand the Snippet. Read a little more about our Public Groups here.

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You can join the Google Shortcuts TextExpander Public Group here.

When you type in the Snippet for a new Google document (‘d.n’) into your Google Chrome tab, it’ll automatically expand, opening a new document without you even having to hit ‘enter’.
It’s as easy as that!

TextExpander Snippets aim to save you time and add ease to your already busy workday. With these Google shortcut Snippets, getting on with the important things has never been easier.

Join the Public Group, and start something new!