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The Ultimate Recruiting Starter Kit: 7 Snippets for Talent Team Communications

In the last of this three-part series, we’ll highlight the communications that help internal Talent Acquisition teams transition candidates into new hires.

New employee on-boarding is “the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly.”

As talent acquisition teams know, delivering an exceptional new hire on-boarding process takes time, energy and forethought.

TextExpander snippets enable talent teams to seamlessly welcome new hires with thoughtful and detailed communications for everything from offer letter specifics to day one logistics.

The Ultimate Recruiting Starter Kit for Talent Teams is a public group of 7 snippets that hiring teams can use to provide an exceptional on-boarding experience for new employees.

(1) Offer Letter Template

Save time by customizing this sample offer letter format for any full-time role. Use advanced TextExpander Fill-In fields to add or remove specific terms and benefits.

(2) New Hire Announcement

Introducing your newest teammate to the team is a great way to start building bonds and breaking the ice. For more on optimizing Fill-ins, check out this helpful tutorial.

“As a new employee, the first few days (or weeks) at a new job has the potential to be awkward or confusing—but a mindful and well-organized on-boarding experience can help minimize that.” – Asana

(3) New Hire Welcome Letter

The welcome letter goes a long way to help new employees feel wanted. Many companies are taking the idea of welcome letters one step further by adding custom video messages.

(4) IT Setup Request

A whopping 42% of new hires said that “they didn’t have a computer or laptop ready for them when they started.”

This ready-to-customize snippet helps your ensure your internal technology team has advance notice of your new hire’s equipment needs.

Access the advanced dates TextExpander group to customize date fields in this custom request.

(5) Tech Setup Confirmation

After all the effort it takes to court and close a final candidate, companies often drop the ball leaving new hires feeling forgotten and ill-prepared on day one.

A simple welcome note on behalf of IT before the employee starts ensures that all necessary technology will be ready upon arrival.

“One of the important ways that HR can impact the workforce and effectiveness of organizations is through the strategic use of… on-boarding.”


(6) Day One Overview

Share this overview with your new hires to reduce day one anxiety. Copy any teammates who will be a part of the day one on-boarding experience to ensure their availability.

(7) Get to Know Me Email

The best teams know how to have fun. This “get to know me” questionnaire allows your new hire to share fun facts and connect with the team, even before day one.

By automating communications at every touch point with TextExpander, talent teams can ensure the new hire experience is one that continues to wow after the candidate has been wooed.

The Ultimate Starter Kit for Recruiters – Talent Teams public group contains all 7 customizable snippets.

Access all 21 snippets from The Ultimate Recruiting Starter Kit series. For a quick refresher on searching snippets, check out this helpful video.

What TextExpander snippets do you use to communicate effectively with your talent team? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter, LinkedIn, or our TextExpander support page.