The Ultimate Recruiting Starter Kit: 7 Snippets for Candidate Communications

In the second of this three-part series, we’ll highlight the foundational snippets that help build an effective recruiter-candidate relationship.

High on the list of candidate frustrations is poor communication “throughout the entire hiring process — from initial discovery of opportunities through accepting an offer.”

Using TextExpander is a simple way to ensure candidate communication is “timely, regular and courteous”.

By automating communications at every touch point, recruiters can ensure the candidate experience is one that respects the time investment of the candidate while eliminating heavy administrative lifting.

To supercharge your candidate communications, we’ve assembled The Ultimate Recruiter Starter Kit. This public group of snippets provides the fundamental correspondence that busy recruiters need to deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

  • Job Description Template: Recruiters may not agree with the statistic that 99% of job descriptions are “painfully long and boring,” but candidates do! Ensure your job descriptions are engaging by adding a bit of personality to your standard template.
  • Social Media Posts: Social media experts advise recruiters to keep posts consistent and don’t forget the visuals! This template has you covered for short to medium length posts on your favorite recruiting channels.

If you have a team handling your social media marketing efforts, it can be helpful to create templates for any graphics you share on social media.

  • Auto-reply for Incoming Applicants: Instead of a sending a sterile canned response, craft an auto-reply that “feels like the beginning of a conversation,” advises Scott Dockweiler of The Muse.
  • Request for First Phone Interview: This snippet is ideal for recruiters with limited coordinator support who need to quickly arrange a call with a candidate of interest.
  • Phone Interview Confirmation: The best recruiters always ensure that their candidates are well prepared for the interview. Send this detailed confirmation to proactively keep your candidate informed on everything from day of logistics to dress code.

A survey from StartWire found that 77 percent of applicants think less of employers that do not respond to them.

  • On-site Interview Confirmation: This snippet is ideal for confirming the details of an on-site interview. Ask your recruiting coordinator to copy you on the message for ultimate transparency.
  • Follow Up to Interview – Decline: One of the biggest complaints from candidates is that recruiters fail to notify them when a role is filled. Use this simple yet courteous snippet to close out the candidate conversation on a high note.

Access these seven snippets in the Ultimate Starter Kit for Recruiters – Candidate Communication public group.

In part three of our Ultimate Starter Kit for Recruiters series, we will share seven essential emails for effectively communicating with internal talent acquisition teams once you’ve made a hire.

What TextExpander snippets do you use to communicate consistently with candidates? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter, LinkedIn, or our TextExpander support page.