Become a Stronger Writer with Cliché Correction Snippets

If you’re a writer, you’ll know clichés kill your work – and fast.

What starts as an original idea can be drowned in the writing process by overused phrases. ‘On the other hand’, ’at the end of the day’ and ‘steer away from’ are among the many phrases that have lost impact.

These phrases dilute and clutter your writing. The worst part is, sometimes you don’t even notice when you’re using them.

Removing clichés from your writing in the editing process works. But, wouldn’t it be better to stop clichés as they appear?

With TextExpander, you can convert overused, eye-roll-worthy phrases into a clear, succinct replacement. This makes your writing more concise and leaves you more time to tell your readers about your big idea.

How Snippets Can Help Banish Clichés in Your Writing

We’ve already talked about how to use snippets to autocorrect common spelling errors. The premise is similar here. Type your cliché. Then, the magic TextExpander ‘pop!’ will convert your cliché into what you’re really trying to say. Watch it in action:

Access the Pre-Made Cliché Correction Snippet

Ready to take your writing from monotonous to marvelous? Click here to access the Cliché Correction snippet.

Benefits of Cliché-Free Writing

Whether you’re writing a manuscript, essay, PhD thesis or blog post, by removing clichés, you’ll see what your work achieves, without the padding of overused, fluffy phrases.

And, if you’re using TextExpander for Teams, share this snippet group with your colleagues. Even create your own snippet group for phrases your team should avoid.

By using these snippet groups, you’ll improve your own writing and communications, as well as your team’s.

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