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Why and How To Delight Your Customers

In this post, we’ll explain what it means to delight your customers and share three tips for incorporating customer delight as an element of your brand.

How to Automate Support without losing the Human Touch

Automation doesn’t sound very human. But if you do it thoughtfully, you can automate customer support while remaining empathetic and approachable.

Inbound Customer Service 101: Creating Value for your Customers

The cycle of inbound customer service helps keep your existing customers engaged and new customers coming through the door. Here’s a breakdown of each of the different aspects of that cycle.

How to Balance Service Efficiency with Customer Experience

The global pandemic has made our economic future uncertain, which has made it even more important to keep your eye on your support team’s efficiency. Here’s how to be efficient while still maintaining a great customer experience.

5 Meaningful Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction

CSAT isn’t always the most reliable way to measure how your customers feel. Here are five meaningful ways to measure customer satisfaction.