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What Happened at TextExpander Forward 2021

Ever wondered how remote summits work when there are employees are all over the world? Here at TextExpander we recently had ours! Here’s all the deets.

Commonly Missed Benefits of TextExpander

We love sharing the power of what TextExpander can do, and even more so hearing what our community has discovered themselves. For this article, we’ve put together a few of the unsung wins that you should try next.

Incorporating TextExpander into Your Processes

Want to work smarter, not harder? Adding TextExpander into your processes is the ideal way to work more efficiently. For developers, copywriters, salespeople and more: everyone can benefit from these time-saving tips.

How to Make Automated Responses Sound Personal

Automated responses can be a great source of engagement and sales when done right. Learn how you can heighten customer interest and satisfaction through personalisation with these useful tips.

What Motivates You As A Sales Professional

Knowing what drives us can be a real force for good in our careers. Whether it’s moving us forward on tough days or giving true meaning to our work, the benefits of finding motivation are huge. If you’re stuck for where to start, this post is for you.

Cold Email for Startups: A TextExpander Guide

Got a great product that no one knows about? Learn how to get your first customers via cold email with our Cold Email for Startups guide.

How to Automate in Your Recruiting Business

In this video, we chat with Karel-Oscar van Hengel, the Founder of HyperTalented, which is a staffing and recruiting agency.  Karel-Oscar, or “KO” for short, is a Dutch Entrepreneur living in Paris and Amsterdam.  His staffing agency focuses on Digital Media and Advertising/Marketing Technology companies.