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How to Get Started with TextExpander for Teams

TextExpander for Teams shares text snippets and saves a *ton* of time across entire organizations, or just family and friends. Here’s how to get started.

TextExpander Tip: How much time have you really saved?

How much time are your text snippets *actually* saving you? If you work in an organization, how about time saved across everyone on your team? Fortunately, you can check your statistics, complete with a pretty graph!

Raise Your Keyboards to One Year of The New TextExpander

The new TextExpander has come a long way in just one year. Come raise your keyboards to celebrate and check out everything we and our customers accomplished this past year!

TextExpander Tips: Use Text Snippets for Fast Web Searches

If you want to search specific websites, TextExpander snippets save you a lot of time by instantly adding things like the search command and domain name.

TextExpander Keyboard Shortcuts

TextExpander has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for turning the text, links, and phrases you repeatedly type into snippets you can paste with a couple keystrokes. It’s the fastest way to save a ton of time typing and communicate smarter.

Grab some Star Wars and Star Trek snippets for fun and profit

If you like to scratch your nerd itch with quotes from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, TextExpander Public Groups has some great new snippets for you.

TextExpander Crossover: Remember everything with Evernote

Evernote is great for taking notes, organizing projects, and saving everything you find. TextExpander can save you a ton of time with it all. Here’s how.