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How To Share Snippets, Your Knowledge and Experience

Learn how to share collective knowledge and experience with colleagues, teams and like-minded people. Check out these essential sharing tips.

TextExpander Tips for Windows Users

Check out a few tips to help TextExpander for Windows users expand snippets like pros.

AppsWeLove: f.lux, Don’t Let Your Screen Keep You Up At Night

Learn how f.lux can make those late night working sessions a little easier on your eyes by reducing blue light. A firm favorite with the TextExpander team, f.lux is this week’s App We Love.

How To: Use Snippets In Your iPhone Apps (Hey Devs: ? SDK)

Typing on your iPad and iPhone is way easier with TextExpander for iPhone & iPad to speed you along. There’s even a way to use your text snippets in your apps, no custom keyboard required.

Enhance Your Sourcing Workflow with these Nine Snippets

Talent Sourcers are an essential member of today’s modern Talent Acquisition team. While some aspects of the roles of Sourcer and Recruiter may overlap, typically Sourcers convert leads into candidates. Recruiters, on the other hand, convert candidates into hires. We are excited to present this Public Group of snippets designed with hard-working Sourcers in mind….

Easy Article Frameworks with TextExpander Snippets

Learn how to write consistently good articles using TextExpander. Use snippets to build your perfect article formula.