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How To Write Blog Posts Faster Using Text Expansion

Learn how to write blog posts faster using TextExpander, and gain access to blogging snippets through our Public Group for bloggers.

The 3 Critical Components of a Perfect Sales Follow-Up Email

It’s all in the follow-up. Say goodbye to slow email replies and use these critical components to send follow up email your leads will want to respond to.

Presenter Series: Tips on Writing Your Technical Talk

We’ve all been there – sitting in front of a computer screen, wondering why on earth you ever agreed to give a talk in the first place. You knew the topic at some point but now it is time to write the thing? No chance!

Remote Working Tips: How to Write from Home

Tips on being productive, staying focussed and discovering how remote writing can work for you.

A Writer’s Guide to Getting Organized

Simple tips to help you take control of your workload and become a more productive, happier writer.

Become a Stronger Writer with Cliché Correction Snippets

Remove clichés from your writing and have more time to tell readers about your big idea. The best part? TextExpander does it all automatically.