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9 Interesting Ways to Use TextExpander You Might Not Have Thought About

If you’ve mastered TextExpander’s basics, this post is for you! We looked to our community for their suggestions on unique and interesting ways to use TextExpander and here’s what we found.

Optimize Google File Shortcuts with TextExpander

Streamline your workflow by opening new Google Files in seconds. Join the TextExpander Public Group now.

Commonly Missed Benefits of TextExpander

We love sharing the power of what TextExpander can do, and even more so hearing what our community has discovered themselves. For this article, we’ve put together a few of the unsung wins that you should try next.

What is Text Expansion?

Here’s our introduction to all things text expansion, from the very basics to how you can use it to improve the day-to-day of our working lives.

When Should You Create a TextExpander Snippet?

Want to create a powerful library of ​​Snippets with minimal effort? Knowing when to create a Snippet is key so you can make Snippets on the fly and call upon them later.

Why Small Talk in Business Relationships Matters

Small talk in business can make a big difference to relationships. Here’s how to shift your conversation skills to make the most of the little details that can yield huge rewards, with our tips for transforming your communication approach.

Making an Impact: Purpose and Productivity

It turns out that coffee isn’t the only thing that will supercharge your productivity, but feeling a purpose to your work instead. Here’s how to make an impact with purpose and productivity.

How to Build Trust in a Remote Team

With remote work a new normal, management strategies are changing too. Ensure that you build trust in your remote team by making sure they experience maximum connection, cohesion by building these fresh approaches into your leadership style.