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Degree Symbol: Type It Easily with TextExpander

Do you ever wonder why some keys aren’t on your keyboard? The degree symbol is one of those we often reach for only to find it isn’t there. How do you type the what’s not on your keyboard?

This can come up frequently if you field support requests for products like frozen foods, ovens, or thermometers. While small in size, it adds visual clarity and professionalism to your communication. Compare these three bits of instruction:

“Set your oven to 350F.”

“Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“Set your oven to 350°F.”

There’s just something about that little symbol that makes it look more official.

But how do you type it? We’ll show you two methods, and then demonstrate how TextExpander makes it even easier.

Type the degree symbol on keyboard

There actually is a way to type degree symbol on keyboard, but it’s different on Mac and Windows, and the methods aren’t obvious.

How to type the degree symbol on Mac

Press Option-Shift-8.

How to type the degree symbol on Windows

While holding down Alt, press 0176 on the numeric keypad. If you don’t have a number pad, hold the Fn key and type 0176.

Copy and paste

Those are a pain to type, so fortunately, some helpful internet hero has created a website called, which presents a big Copy button to instantly copy the symbol. The page also provides methods for using it in any context: HTML code, LaTeX markup, and embeddable images.

It’s a great single-purpose resource, but it’s a pain to revisit that site every time you want to type the degree symbol. Plus, you have another browser tab or window to juggle.

Thankfully, there’s a better way.

How to Type Degree Symbol with TextExpander

TextExpander is great for situations like this. Simply create a Snippet with the degree symbol as the content and give it whatever abbreviation you want, like xdegree. You can even create variations to include the Fahrenheit or Celcius abbreviations alongside the symbol: °F and °C.

how to type degree symbol with TextExpander

While you’re at it, you can create Snippets for tough-to-spell words like Fahrenheit.

Try it for yourself!

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