What do we get asked most in Customer Success?

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Can I use TextExpander anywhere?

Yes, TextExpander can be used in any application that you want to use it by default. If needed, you specify apps that you don’t want TextExpander to interact with or cherry-pick the select few that you would like to use TextExpander in.

Is TextExpander an app I have to download?

Yes, it’s an app you must install to benefit from its powerful capabilities! TextExpander is an ecosystem that has our web app (app.textexpander.com) or the desktop app that must be downloaded. This can be downloaded on Mac, Windows, or the Chrome extension. Download Now!

How do we set up SSO?

SSO setup in TextExpander is mostly self-serve and straightforward. Here are a couple of instructional articles that will help you get started. If you need any additional help, please get in touch with support@textexpander.com.

What’s the difference between SSO & SSO with SCIM?

SSO with SCIM allows for two-way sync, meaning adding and removing users from TextExpander and the ability to automatically assign users to TextExpander Teams. SSO without SCIM uses Just In Time (JIT) provisioning, which is unidirectional, meaning it will only add users to TextExpander. When you need to remove a user, it must be done through the TextExpander Web App.

When I add users via SCIM, do I need a group for all TextExpander users and groups for the team assignments? 

While it isn’t necessary to have a catch-all group for all TextExpander users in your SSO portal, many companies find this to be useful for organizing users on the backend. However, if you only want to create granular groups for each team with in TextExpander, that will automatically add them to your TextExpander Organization and to the appropriate team.

What’s the difference between requiring and not requiring SSO?

Requiring SSO means that users will be prevented from creating a username and password to use with TextExpander. They will always have to sign in via SSO.

Can I prepare people with existing TextExpander accounts before turning on and requiring SSO?

Yes! If you have users that have existing individual TextExpander accounts created with their work email address, please work with our support team prior to enabling, and requiring SSO, to ensure there are no issues migrating these users to your organization.

Does SCIM allow you to provision permissions within TextExpander?

Not at this time. All user permissions must be enabled via the TextExpander Web App.

Do I need to create the TextExpander Teams before provisioning via SCIM?

Not at all! If you provision an SSO group and the Team doesn’t not exist in TextExpander, we will automatically create a team with the name of that SSO group on your behalf!

Will our teams be able to make their own snippets or change what we’ve already created for them?
  • Team members will only be able to make changes to your organization snippets if you’ve given them the Editor permissions. The Editor Role allows users to make changes to a Snippet Group that was shared with them. TextExpander users can always create their own personal Snippet Groups, but feel free to run the Snippets report to see what type of snippets they use most frequently!
  • Here’s how to run usage reports in TextExpander: Learn More
How do we share with the correct teams?

Teams in TextExpander are the best way to organize the groups of people within your company and quickly share collections of Snippet Groups with each other.

  • Here’s how to set up teams in TextExpander and assign them Snippet Groups: Learn More
  • More info on organizing shared Snippet Groups using Teams: Learn More
Can I attach documents with TextExpander?

While we cannot use attachments, you can include links in your Snippets that direct to a document you want to share, using Insert URL. This is a feature available in the Formatted Text, Pictures Content Type. Learn More

Can I use TextExpander without an Internet connection?

Yes, you can expand Snippets without an internet connection. You will need an internet connection to update/edit Snippets.

Can I add tables to my Snippet?

TextExpander offers a table function, but it is a work in progress. If your table needs special formatting, coloring, etc., you may want to opt for a list. Or use Insert URL to link to a document that contains your table. If enhanced tables would benefit you, please be sure to let a TextExpander representative know.

Can other departments in my company use TextExpander?

Of course! You can use the same TextExpander organization for everyone! Just create Teams for each department/group to help organize and share Snippets Groups only with those that need them.

How can I increase my team’s engagement with TextExpander?

We hear this question often! One fun way to help get your team excited about TextExpander is to run a contest with them! Usually, we recommend you set a time frame for your contest, decide whether you’d like to measure the winner by most snippets expanded or time saved (or both), and what prize(s) they’ll win. You can learn more here about how we recommend you set up your contest!

We’re happy to sponsor your contest with your team by providing a bit of TextExpander swag. If you’re interested in a contest, let us know!

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