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Getting Started for Support Teams

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Snippet Group Suggestions

  • My Information
  • How-tos
  • Note Templates
  • Response Templates
  • Tagging

Use Case Examples

  • Create individual snippet groups with consistent abbreviations for things like a user’s name, email, phone number, etc, that can be nested into shared content. This allows for quick personalization of shared snippets!
  • Create a repository of how-tos so reps can quickly answer frequently asked questions. Inline search makes this a dream! With collaboration enabled via edit access, all reps can contribute to the knowledge base of how-tos.
  • Taking frequent notes? Use TextExpander to create templates with fill-ins that make your notes easy, quick, and consistent every time!
  • Never retype the same email response again! Use email templates to craft the perfectly curated messaging, share with the team, and clear that inbox quickly!
  • Use a responses Snippet Group to keep track of repetitive phrases and tidbits that aren’t full-on templates. If you’ve typed it more than once, make it a snippet and save it here!
  • Get everyone involved in accurately tagging your support tickets. Use a snippet to compile all your useful tags and let teams like Marketing and Engineering chime in and add tags via nested snippets.

See TextExpander in Action

Let’s Create Some Snippets!

Get started with Snippet Group Templates for common Support Snippet Groups. The instructions are in the following group; the five other groups below will be created as new personal groups for you once you subscribe: Get Started Here