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Stop Saying Sorry!

Why and how to stop saying sorry all the time. Learn alternatives to empty apologies and how TextExpander can help you break bad habits.

Unlock the Secret to Exceptional Customer Service Productivity

Improve your business’s customer service productivity with these easy tips and tricks. Learn how to streamline processes and make your team more efficient in our how-to guide.

Degree Symbol: Type It Easily with TextExpander

Can’t find the degree symbol on your keyboard? Here’s how to type the degree symbol easily with TextExpander.

5 Customer Success Software Picks to Maximize Customer Retention

Having the right tools is essential for customer success teams. Without the right tools, teams may struggle to keep up with customer inquiries, resolve issues quickly, and deliver a high level of service.

Consistency in Customer Service: 3 Areas Where It’s a Must

Consistency in customer service is key. Imagine pulling up to a McDonald’s drive-through, and instead of hearing, “Hi, welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order,” you were greeted with a gruff: “McDonald’s. What do ya want?” You’d probably think twice before placing an order! You might even drive to another restaurant instead. Your customers…