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TextExpander: Like Two Extra People

TextExpander saved our bacon during release week. During release week, we expanded at least 8,189 snippets and 908,810 characters. At 60 words per minute and 5 characters per word, that’s a savings of over 50 hours! Our support folks all work part time, so that’s like having two additional people during crunch time. It’s been…

The New TextExpander

We’re thrilled to debut the new TextExpander, which makes it possible to share your snippet groups with ease. Share them among your devices – Mac, iPhone, iPad, and now Windows. Share them with your friends, fellow volunteers, and colleagues. Create an organization, and share them with detailed access controls, team management, and centralized billing. Grab…

How do I install TextExpander?

Install TextExpander: Download TextExpander from our site. Install it.