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Say Hello to TextExpander Public Groups

David Chartier Blog Public Groups

TextExpander lets you type less and be more productive. When you type a short phrase or abbreviation, TextExpander can replace it with a boilerplate email response, your company’s entire product catalog, or a long URL you use dozens of times a day. …

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Share your TextExpander Story with Us

David Chartier Blog Customer Stories

After working on TextExpander for 10 years, we’ve learned that it’s become many things to many people. For some, it’s a core, indispensable tool for fixing phrases and inescapable typos. For others, it’s an essential, foundational tool their business teams need to …

Welcome to the TextExpander Blog (and Stickers!)

Welcome to the TextExpander Blog (and Stickers!)

Maia Olson Blog

…with a good old fashioned SASE giveaway Welcome to the TextExpander blog! This will be the new home of all things TextExpander related. In celebration of our new blog, we’re having a sticker giveaway. We’ve been looking for new places to put …

How To: Import / Export Groups on

Maia Olson Blog

We recently added the ability to import and export snippet groups on If you’re using TextExpander for Windows, this is how you can import new groups, or transfer them from another text expansion app for Windows. Import/export on benefits users …