Note-taking for occupational therapists

Best Note-Taking Apps for Occupational Therapists

Efficiency and organization are paramount in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists work to improve the lives of their clients, often juggling multiple cases, detailed assessments, and individualized therapy plans. In this high-stakes environment, the traditional methods of note-taking and information management can sometimes fall short. Note-taking apps can be a great, modern way to resolve some of the organizational problems that occupational therapists face.

This article delves into note-taking apps for occupational therapists. These digital tools are not just about replacing pen and paper; they are about revolutionizing the way therapists capture, organize, and utilize information. By adopting these technologies, therapists can not only save time but also enhance the quality of care provided to their clients.

Here are the apps:


Occupational therapists can significantly benefit from TextExpander to optimize their note-taking. This tool allows therapists to create custom “Snippets” – small blocks of text that expand into larger, frequently used phrases or paragraphs. By assigning shortcuts to these snippets, therapists can quickly insert common assessments, treatment plans, or client observations into their notes.

TextExpander’s capabilities extend beyond simple text expansion. Occupational therapists can use it to standardize documentation, ensuring consistency across patient records. By creating shared snippet libraries, therapists can ensure that everyone uses the same terminology and assessment criteria, fostering clarity and coherence in client records.

Moreover, TextExpander’s organizational features enable therapists to categorize snippets by theme or client type, streamlining the retrieval process. This organization allows for quick access to relevant information, enhancing efficiency in both planning and executing therapy sessions.

TextExpander emerges as a powerful ally for occupational therapists, transforming the way they manage notes, ultimately leading to improved client care and increased productivity.

  • Platforms supported: Chrome, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: $3.33 monthly to $10.83 monthly


Occupational therapists can leverage Notion to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. With its customizable templates, Notion allows therapists to design tailored note-taking systems that align with their specific needs. They can create structured pages for patient records, therapy plans, and progress tracking, ensuring all pertinent information is easily accessible and well-organized.

The app’s database functionality is particularly beneficial for managing patient data. Therapists can sort, tag, and filter client information, enabling efficient retrieval and review of therapy sessions and outcomes. Additionally, Notion’s collaborative features facilitate the sharing and updating of patient notes within a therapy team, ensuring consistency and continuity in patient care.

By integrating Notion into their practice, occupational therapists can save time on administrative tasks, focus more on client interaction, and maintain a high level of organization and efficiency in their professional responsibilities.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $15 monthly


Mentalyc offers a specialized solution for occupational therapists seeking to optimize their note-taking and organization. As a software specifically designed for therapists, Mentalyc can streamline the note-taking process during therapy sessions. With features tailored for clinical settings, therapists can efficiently record client observations, treatment plans, and progress notes.

The software’s intuitive design aids in quickly capturing essential details without detracting from client interaction. Mentalyc’s organizational capabilities allow therapists to categorize notes by client or session type, enhancing the ease of information retrieval. This efficient organization leads to better preparation for upcoming sessions and more effective client tracking over time.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: $40 monthly to $120 monthly


Joplin offers a robust platform for enhancing their note-taking productivity and organizational skills. Joplin is an open-source application that allows the creation of detailed, structured notes, which can be invaluable in documenting client progress, therapy plans, and session feedback. Its markdown support ensures that notes can be formatted precisely, aiding in the clarity and readability of information.

One of Joplin’s key strengths is its synchronization capability across devices, ensuring therapists have access to their notes whether in the clinic, on home visits, or in team meetings. The tagging system and search functionality further streamline the process of categorizing and locating specific client information or therapy notes quickly.

Incorporating Joplin into their daily practice enables occupational therapists to maintain well-organized, easily accessible records, ultimately leading to more focused client sessions and improved overall efficiency in their therapeutic work.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: $2.50 monthly to $7.08 monthly


Theratrak is a versatile app that can greatly enhance note-taking productivity and organization. Designed to foster collaborative care, Theratrak allows therapists to create, prescribe, and monitor customized home therapy programs. Its user-friendly interface enables quick and efficient note-taking, reducing the time spent on documentation. The app’s tracking feature provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s progress, enabling therapists to make informed decisions and adjust treatment plans as needed.

By utilizing Theratrak, occupational therapists can not only streamline their documentation process but also engage more effectively with their patients, ensuring that each therapy session is well-planned, personalized, and productive. 

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: $15 monthly to $40 monthly

Standard Notes

Standard Notes presents a secure and efficient way for occupational therapists to enhance their note-taking and organizational capabilities. This app prioritizes security with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all client information remains confidential and protected. Its simplicity and ease of use make it ideal for quickly jotting down observations, therapy insights, and client progress during busy workdays.

The tagging system in Standard Notes allows for easy categorization of notes, facilitating quick access to specific client information when needed. Its synchronization feature across multiple devices ensures that therapists can access their notes anytime, anywhere, which is crucial for those who work in various settings or need to collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Standard Notes helps maintain a well-organized and secure repository of client information, enhancing both productivity and client care.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: Free to $10 monthly

Note Designer

Note Designer offers a unique solution for occupational therapists seeking to enhance their note-taking efficiency and organization. This tool is specifically designed for therapy professionals, featuring pre-set, professionally written statements and customizable templates. Occupational therapists can rapidly compile comprehensive and structured notes by selecting relevant phrases, significantly reducing the time spent on documentation.

The app’s design facilitates the organization of notes by client or session, making it easier to track progress over time. Its intuitive interface streamlines the note-creation process, allowing therapists to focus more on client interaction and less on paperwork. By incorporating Note Designer into their practice, occupational therapists can ensure that their documentation is both thorough and efficient, ultimately leading to better client outcomes and a more streamlined workflow.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: $15 monthly to $150 yearly