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Best Note-Taking Apps for Nurses

Nurses are vital for ensuring seamless patient care and efficient medical operations. Amidst their myriad responsibilities, note-taking emerges as a pivotal task, one that demands precision and accessibility. With technology’s forward march, traditional pen-and-paper note-taking is evolving to be easier and faster with digital tools. 

This article delves into how nurses can significantly amplify their productivity and streamline their note-taking processes using innovative note-taking apps. These digital tools are not just about replacing notebooks; they are about transforming the way nurses record, organize, and retrieve vital information. From enhancing patient care to facilitating better time management, these apps are redefining efficiency in nursing. 

Here are some of the best note-taking apps for nurses:


TextExpander is a tool designed to boost efficiency and accuracy in note-taking. It can be a game-changer for nurses. By enabling the creation of custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used phrases, medical terms, or patient care notes, TextExpander helps nurses drastically reduce the time spent on repetitive typing. For example, a nurse can set up a shortcut like “ptc” to expand to “Patient condition stable, vitals monitored regularly.” This functionality not only speeds up note-taking but also minimizes the risk of typographical errors in critical patient information.

Moreover, TextExpander’s ability to sync across various devices ensures that nurses have access to their custom shortcuts whether they are documenting on a hospital computer or updating notes on a mobile device during rounds. It allows for a consistent, efficient, and organized approach to note-taking. By categorizing different sets of shortcuts – such as patient assessments, medication notes, or procedural steps – nurses can quickly access relevant information, ensuring that their notes are not only fast to complete but also comprehensive and well-structured. 

This organized approach to note-taking can contribute significantly to the overall productivity and quality of patient care delivered by nurses.

  • Platforms supported: Chrome, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: $3.33 monthly to $10.83 monthly

Standard Notes

Standard Notes presents an excellent opportunity for nurses to enhance their note-taking efficiency and organization. This app stands out for its strong emphasis on privacy and simplicity, ensuring that sensitive patient information is securely handled. Nurses can leverage its encryption feature for confidential data, a crucial aspect in healthcare settings. 

Additionally, the straightforward, clutter-free interface allows for quick note-taking, reducing the time spent navigating complex menus. With Standard Notes, nurses can create and categorize notes for different patients or care plans, making information retrieval swift and easy.

This streamlined approach to note management saves time and ensures that critical patient information is accurately recorded and easily accessible.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: Free to $10 monthly


GoodNotes innovates and changes the traditional approach to note-taking for nurses, yet it maintains a level of comfortability for those who do not want to completely abandon handwritten notes. GoodNotes offers a pen-like writing experience on tablets and smartphones which nurses can use to quickly take notes during patient consultations or critical team meetings. GoodNotes also allows for these handwritten notes to be converted into digital, searchable text. 

Moreover, GoodNotes’ robust organizational system, which includes customizable digital notebooks and a variety of folders, enables nurses to systematically categorize and manage patient data, treatment protocols, and vital research notes. This streamlined method of organization not only saves precious time but also ensures swift and easy access to important information.

  • Platforms supported: macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $29.99 (one-time payment)


Agenda is a dynamic and innovative app that can significantly enhance the productivity and organization of nurses in their note-taking practices. Agenda integrates note-taking with a calendar, allowing nurses to connect their notes directly to specific dates and events. This feature is especially beneficial for tracking patient progress over time, scheduling follow-ups, and managing their daily tasks and appointments.

The app also has a timeline-oriented design that provides an intuitive and chronological overview of notes, making it easier to see the context and progression of patient care. Furthermore, Agenda’s capability to attach images and files, along with its seamless synchronization across devices, ensures that important information is readily accessible and up-to-date. This combination of chronological organization and multimedia integration makes Agenda a powerful tool for nurses

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $42 yearly


NurseGrid is an app designed to significantly streamline the scheduling and organizational aspects of a nurse’s professional life. Although its primary focus is on shift scheduling and management, its features extend into areas of note-taking and information organization. Nurses can use NurseGrid to manage their work hours, view team schedules, and facilitate easy shift swaps.

Additionally, NurseGrid’s user-friendly interface and synchronization capabilities across various devices make it a convenient tool for keeping track of work-related notes and reminders. Nurses can document critical reminders about patient care or upcoming meetings, ensuring that no vital information is missed. By integrating work schedules with important notes, NurseGrid helps nurses maintain a well-organized and efficient workflow, which is crucial in the fast-paced environment of healthcare. 

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $349 monthly 


SquidNotes is an innovative app that offers a unique approach to note-taking, particularly beneficial for nurses. Its primary advantage lies in its ability to capture real handwriting, providing a more personal and natural way of note-taking. Nurses can use a stylus or their finger to jot down notes, closely mimicking the traditional pen-and-paper method. This feature is especially useful for quickly recording patient information, observations, and care instructions during rounds.

Moreover, SquidNotes allows for the annotation of PDFs and images, a useful function for marking up patient charts or educational materials. The app’s organizational capabilities enable nurses to sort and categorize notes effectively, ensuring easy retrieval and reference. 

Additionally, the option to export notes to PDF adds to its versatility, making it easier to share information with colleagues or integrate notes into patient records. By combining the familiarity of handwriting with digital efficiency, SquidNotes helps nurses streamline their note-taking process.

  • Platforms supported: Web, Windows, and Android
  • Price: Free and includes features to buy individually


Workflowy is an exceptional tool for nurses looking to optimize their note-taking and organization. Its standout feature is its ability to create detailed, hierarchical lists, which can be expanded and collapsed as needed. This structure is ideal for nurses to categorize and prioritize patient information, treatment plans, and daily tasks. By allowing for the creation of nested lists, Workflowy enables nurses to break down complex information into manageable, organized segments.

Additionally, the tagging and search functions in Workflowy make finding specific notes quick and effortless. Nurses can tag notes with specific patient names, conditions, or dates, streamlining the retrieval process. Workflowy’s simplistic design focuses on content, reducing distractions and enhancing concentration. This streamlined approach to note-taking saves time and ensures that critical patient care information is accurately recorded and easily accessible.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $4.99 monthly