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How to Automate in Your Recruiting Business

In this video, we chat with Karel-Oscar van Hengel, the Founder of HyperTalented, which is a staffing and recruiting agency.  Karel-Oscar, or “KO” for short, is a Dutch Entrepreneur living in Paris and Amsterdam.  His staffing agency focuses on Digital Media and Advertising/Marketing Technology companies.

Why Recruitment Technology Needs a Human Touch

Is the human touch in recruiting processes overrated? We don’t think so. Here’s why recruitment technology can’t replace human interaction.

Practical Ways to Address Hiring Biases

Unconscious biases affect recruiting and career development. Here’s how to surface your hiring biases to make your recruitment processes more inclusive.

6 Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2021

Recruiters, sourcers, and talent acquisition professionals take note: Here are the five recruiting trends for 2021 and how to prepare.

7 Recruitment Blogs You Should Bookmark in 2021

Looking to stay on top of industry trends and get tips from pros? Here are the best recruitment blogs according to recruiting experts from all over the world.