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Leveraging Skills Tests for Recruitment

If CVs and interviews aren’t bringing you the best people, try a new approach. Learn to leverage skills tests for recruitment to improve your quality of hire.

Soft Skills Employers Should Recruit For

EQ and soft skills are a stronger predictor of success than IQ and hard skills. Find out the soft skills you should be recruiting for and how to assess them.

Candidate Engagement Tips for Recruiters

Engaging with candidates throughout the hiring process is super important. Here’s how to do that at different stages of the recruitment life cycle.

How to Host a Webinar: Tips for Recruiters

In this post, we break down the essential steps you need to take to run a successful webinar to promote your recruitment efforts.

The Essential Guide to Remote Recruiting

Say goodbye to in-person interviews. Remote recruiting can be as effective as hiring in IRL if you follow these guidelines.

9 Ways to Retain Diverse Talent

How do you make sure your diverse hires stick with you in the long run? Here are 9 things you need to do to retain diverse talent.