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Where do I sign up to be an affiliate?

Before you can sign up for the TextExpander affiliate program, you need to become an approved affiliate with ShareASale. 

Here’s how to sign up to ShareASale and the TextExpander Affiliate program:

  1. Fill out our affiliate application here.
    1. If you are not yet a member of ShareASale, please fill out the form to sign up to ShareASale. If you need more help, follow this quick tutorial.
    2. Once approved by ShareASale to be an affiliate on their network, revisit the affiliate application page and apply for our program.

I applied and was not approved, now what?

If you were not approved to be an affiliate on the ShareASale network, please email us with your name and website URL. Though we can’t approve you for the entire ShareASale network, we can ask ShareASale to have you added specifically to our program, if we believe you to be a good fit.

If you applied to our program specifically, and were not approved, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your website takes part in PPC bidding. We do not allow PPC affiliates in our program.
  • Your website did not reply to our application confirmation email with the questions we need to further review their application. Please take this opportunity to email us with this information and we will re-evaluate your application. 
    • What niche do you focus on? 
    • Do you use TextExpander? Please note, not using our products does not preclude you from our affiliate program.
    • Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or expert in our software?
    • What are your marketing plans for TextExpander?
    • What do you need from us to be as successful as possible?
    • How did you hear about Smile’s affiliate program?

Where do I find links to start sharing Smile’s products?

You will find the links you need in the ShareASale affiliate portal. Please see more information here.

Am I allowed to use my own affiliate link to purchase products?

Yes, you are permitted and encouraged to purchase through your own affiliate link. We believe our affiliates should speak from their own customer experience.

Can I promote my affiliate link through paid advertisements?

Please see this page for more information.

What terms are trademarked for this program?

Trademark names include TextExpander, Smile, SmileOnMyMac and/or any misspellings or similar alterations of these keywords.

Can I create a Facebook group with one of the trademarked terms in the name?

We do not allow affiliates to register any social profiles (pages, groups, forums), URLs or domains considered by SmileOnMyMac to be infringing on our name or trademark. This includes, but not limited to: any registered or pending trademarks. Affiliates will not purchase or otherwise contract with a third party to exploit any of SmileOnMyMac’s marks or registered domain names, or any marks or domain names which may, in SmileOnMyMac’s reasonable discretion, be confused with SmileOnMyMac’s marks or registered domain names, including but not limited to, misspellings of SmileOnMyMac’s marks or registered domain names, whether in meta tags or otherwise.

I found a coupon code on the internet, can I use that instead of the ones I find in the Creatives portal on ShareASale?

All authorized coupon codes are located through the ShareASale Deals and Coupons database. We do not allow affiliates to use misleading text, images or links that imply any deal is not authorized through the affiliate channel. Use of exclusive coupon codes by unauthorized affiliates will result in voided transactions. User-submitted coupon codes from other marketing channels, such as email, are prohibited from use by affiliates. Expired coupons and deals must be removed or clearly marked as expired immediately. We have the right to void those sales that do not comply with these guidelines.

Do I have to include an explanation that I’m an affiliate when I promote TextExpander?

Yes. Please see our FTC Compliance Disclosure page for more details.