Maximizing Productivity

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Grab some Star Wars and Star Trek snippets for fun and profit

If you like to scratch your nerd itch with quotes from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, TextExpander Public Groups has some great new snippets for you.

TextExpander Crossover: Remember everything with Evernote

Evernote is great for taking notes, organizing projects, and saving everything you find. TextExpander can save you a ton of time with it all. Here’s how.

5 Tips for Creating and Organizing TextExpander Snippets

Once you are familiar with the basics of TextExpander, it’s a good idea to develop a strong organization habit for your text snippets and abbreviations.

TextExpander @ Work: Get Replies Out Fast

For some, email is a beautiful, flexible medium for everything from work, to talking with the world, to newsletter art. For others, it is a gaping maw into which you pour your time and any dreams of hitting deadlines on tasks that have actual end points. In either case, TextExpander can help you more efficiently…

TextExpander Crossover – Journal faster, remember more with Day One

One of our favorite things to see grow from TextExpander is the amazing community of iOS apps that have integrated TextExpander support. There are over 75 apps that let you type less and communicate faster, and this built-in support has a few more features than our custom iOS keyboard. In this Crossover series, we’re going…

TextExpander Story: David Sparks, Attorney-At-Law

At its core, TextExpander helps you communicate better, enabling you to type less, yet do more. You type short keywords, and TextExpander turns them into email addresses, links, complete sentences, or even an entire page of text. Sounds straightforward enough, right? We’re fascinated by the myriad ways TextExpander has changed how people work in all…

Better Working Through Stretching

Keeping a nimble mind through a nimble body Office workers, thought workers, desk workers, or anyone who uses a computer for work, is actually using their brain to do the work. The body, mostly fingers, are just a conduit through which that work makes its way from the grey matter and out into the world….

TextExpander @ Work: Getting Started with Customer Support

Customer support is a foundational element to nearly every business you could imagine. Happy customers make for healthy businesses, and we keep this vital relationship close to our hearts when building and improving TextExpander. We use TextExpander religiously in our customer support team. In fact, providing prompt customer support with a text expansion tool like…