Sales professionals discuss TextExpander as a sales team collaboration tool

Adding TextExpander to Your Sales Collaboration Tools

What sales collaboration tools does your sales team use? 

When we talk about sales team collaboration tools, we’re talking about tools that sales teams use to work together. 

Although some are designed for sales teams, not all of them have to be. Many online tools that are favorites among sales teams are popular tools for remote work in general. 

For example, here at TextExpander, our sales team uses just one tool that’s specific to sales: the customer relationship management (CRM) tool Close.

Other than that, they use Slack, a messaging platform for teams; Google Docs, the online word processor offered by Google; Zoom, a video conferencing software; and (of course) TextExpander, a knowledge activation tool for individuals and teams.

(Because their work isn’t project-based, they don’t use Asana, the project management platform tool used by our other teams.)

Using TextExpander in sales

Although TextExpander isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of sales team collaboration tools, it’s definitely an app that highly successful salespeople (ours included!) rely on to work together as a team.

Sales teams use TextExpander to save tested-and-approved messages and useful information as keyboard shortcuts they can then expand wherever they type to communicate with prospects more effectively and efficiently.

Our Sales Development expert, Victor Martinez, saves over 7 hours a month using TextExpander. He has personal TextExpander snippets for his phone number, email address, Calendly link, and email signature.

He also uses the team’s shared snippets, which include follow-up emails and handy information he repeatedly needs to send prospects.

Specific uses of TextExpander in sales

1. Answering FAQs

Salespeople often get the same types of questions from customers. To spend less time answering them, they can use TextExpander snippets.

Tested-and-approved messages can be shared with the entire team to ensure that every sales team member has access to correct, up-to-date information. 

This makes it easier for sales reps to send accurate responses to clients in less time. Faster replies speed up the buyer’s journey, helping reps close deals in less time. 

2. Sending personalized messages

One of the advantages of using TextExpander snippets instead of saved replies is that you can craft unique messages by combining different blocks of text. 

Sourcing individual text fragments from TextExpander lead to messages that are more relevant and complete.

With TextExpander, there’s also the possibility of using fill-in templates to personalize messages. For example, you can create a template for a cold email and leave a fill-in area in the intro to add the name of a mutual connection.

Sourcing individual text fragments from TextExpander lead to messages that are more relevant and complete. Our canned email response template shows how easy it is to use snippets to combine consistent messaging with personalized communication.

3. Maintaining CRMs

Adding notes and updating prospect accounts in a CRM is essential. Sales teams need complete and accurate information about prospects to close deals.

With TextExpander, sales reps can add consistent, high-quality notes with just a few keystrokes, including:

– Commonly-used phrases
– Today’s date and expected closing date
– Win/loss reasons

TextExpander minimizes the time and effort required to keep CRMs up-to-date.

3. Creating sales documents

Quotes, sales proposals, service agreements. The documents sales reps need to send before they can consider a deal “closed” vary per organization, but all of them can be time-consuming to create if they need to be typed from scratch.

With TextExpander, sales reps can pull up content to create these sales documents in a flash—no copying and pasting required.

The best of sales team collaboration tools

Through TextExpander, sales teams can access a shared repository of useful content, such as high-performing cold emails, standard CRM notes, updated product information, and relevant links.

This leads to faster and more effective communication with prospects—and incredible time savings that improve the productivity and performance of sales teams.  

Best of all, TextExpander works with all the best sales team collaboration tools. 

Try TextExpander free for 30 days to see what it can do for your sales team.